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One of the factors in breed selection is choosing a base breed adapted to the environment of your farm/ranch. An example would be the use of Galloway in a cold northern climate, which can then be crossed to another breed to introduce another marketable factor, such as size by using a Continental breed, often the use of two smaller/medium breeds might be used as a "Damline" hybrid, and the Continental used as a terminal cross to maximise heterosis in the final cross all of which are marketed. In southern climates, African Sanga breeds such as Tuli or Mashona are good adapted base breeds, as are the Bos Indicus breeds such as the Brahman, these give a much greated heterosis boost when crossed to Bos Taurus breeds, a Sanga/British breed gives a good F1 Damline with an exeptionally marketable steer, then a Continental can be used for the terminal generation.
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