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Default Blood from infected quarter...

We have a milk cow that when we bought her, was blind in one quarter due to trouble in the past. She has calved twice since we've owned her, and this past time we decided to try to milk out that "dry" quarter because it looked full and healthy like the rest. She was fine for about two weeks post calving, and then she turned up positive for mastitis from that quarter and had clots present on the filter. We treated with Masti-clear (the maximum dose) and she seemed to clear up, with a negative test for mastitis. Two weeks later she tested positive again and we retreated with the same Masti-clear (the max dose) and she was still positive and inflamed. We then called the vet, who treated her with an endo-toxin, a systemic antibiotic, took a culture, and recommended to do a round of Today on top of everything. The culture came back as a straight-forward environmental bacteria being the culprit, so we were in good hopes of all being well soon. She never cleared up, so we decided to go the way of the previous owner and let that teat dry up and keep milking the other three. Three weeks later, and she is very inflamed and dripping blood from that quarter. We milked her out two nights ago and again this am and I've never seen anything so gross. It did not resemble milk at all, more like brownish-reddish ooze. What is up with this quarter? And why didn't she respond to the rounds of antibiotics if this is a common bacteria? We did not take her temp yet, but she seems to be ok - will check her temp tonight. Any ideas?
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