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Unread February 8th, 2010, 15:46
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Hi Skip,
First off you have done the right thing with your method of treatment to date, I would also have given some long-acting antibiotics for any secondary infections but that's by the by now. [If there had been any major infective organisms gaining entry through the hoof they would have shown by now]
It might be an idea to keep her in on soft straw if you have somewhere you can confine her to help it heal properly but again that may not be an option for you or her. Some cows go mad if they have not had a lot of human contact and confining her will only stress her out and possibly cause her to re-open the wound.
The snow and cold may be a blessing in disguise as most bacteria will not survive as well as they would in warm damp soil.
If it were me I would continue to treat/watch her but hopefully she will be on the mend now.
Good luck !
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