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Default Calf broken hoof

I had a heifer calf ( charlotte-sementle) born this winter however this was only one week after my barn had burnt down leaving no place for the cattle to go except the pasture I kept them in during the summer, however a little while after the calf had been born I noticed it limping thinking it was merely just having trouble getting throught the 2 feet of snow i kept a eye on it only to relize she was bleeding as well, so I roped her and checked out the hoof the enire back side of the hood was cut right to between the toes I put peroxide on the hoof and did my best to clean it out but it was infected, 2 weeks later she was still limping but when looking she seemed to have healed so once again I roped her down and the one toe the outer layer of the hoof ahd acually broken off leaving a vunerable hoof and a broken tip the infection had resided and cut was sealed up but she was still bleeding i put iodine and peroxide on the hoof cleaned it out and hten wrapped the hoof to help it grow back into shape but i am still concerned she is slightly limping but better now ( probally becasue it is very sore from the work we did on it) but I am looking for tips and any advice anyone can give me I haven't exsprienced anything like this before and would love if i could get some help on this thank you
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