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No worries. Yeah, a good dose of bicarb will usually fix them up, but prevention is better than cure! Keep up the roughage and keep the grain down to a set ration (which you can slowly increase as they get older if they are going to be milkers or beef...if they are just pets, I wouldn't even worry about feeding grain at all to be honest, but a little as a treat is OK). I have a small 5 acre farm where I keep some livestock in addition to my dairy work and have found that cows on small blocks can turn in to a real pest as they no longer respect you and wont do as they are told. They also start to develop nasty habits like escaping their paddocks and coming to investigate the house and vegie garden. Believe it or not I actaully saw my partner chase a half grown bull around the kitchen table once when curiousity got the better of him and he crossed the final fronteir!So I would get him another calf for company; even sheep will do the trick. And try not to spoil them too much because they will weigh 500kg one day and their antics wont be so cute then!

Good luck.
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