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Thumbs up the lost art of the prevention of common illnesses in dairy cows.


RE: The lost art of the prevention of common illnesses in dry cows,have at least 90% [or more]less sick fresh cows. Much easier to prevent illnesses in dry cows than to treat sick fresh cows and lose milk.
Dairy farmers in north america have no or very poor dry cow programs. Few know that you can cut sick cows by 90% [or more] all without the use of drugs or chem.I can raise any dairy farmer`s calf to be bigger, healther,and give more milk with lower scc and live longer.I work as herdsman for the president of northeastern Organic Farmers ass. Steve Morrison.We get our bonus check each month for low scc. I Can Prevent 90%[or more]of Milkfever,mastitis,ketosis,acidosis,acidophilus, ecoli.etc. Also few dairy farms worm there dry cows.What is safer and more potent then chemical wormers[which damage cows liver] and you can easily grow yourself? What is the best rumen item that is cheaper yet far better than anything off the jobbers truck?[you can reduce your grain by 10% and make the same amount of milk with lower scc.and not find a fleas on your cows after one month.]

How to reduce manure odor by50%[what dairy farm would not be interested[and make 5to15% more milk and also lower scc by 50% or more at the same time! Raise calfs to have less sick days and make more milk. Works on organic farms+non-organic.My family Organic farm ran from 1830s to 1960s.Backed by A Dr.[MD]from Vermont who Wrote two books with help of my Grandfather. Please send this info. to your herd health dept. thank-you,Signed, Roger Foster, master Organic Herdsman
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