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Default Fed up with farmer. took matters into my own hands

Hi. i am a local citizen in my village who lives near to some cows.

The local boy racers have been cutting the fencing n locks of the gates to take their motobikes in the fields with the cows n calfs.

I am so fed up with them goin in there n risking injuring them n risking letting the cattle out by leaving the gates open.

Me and my bf reinforced all the fences again and went and bought the heavyest n strongest chain n padlock we could buy and locked the main steel gate with it.

I called the rspca about the lame cow in the field but nothing has been done about that either. i just hope she gets better.

I noticed yesterday her calf is with her and she is not limping as badly. so i live in hope

i hope this lock n chain holds
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