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Originally Posted by dairyinwi
Has anyone heard of eprocheck? I heard that this is a machine that tests for progesterone in milk? I'd like to get to see this system in action before purchasing. Does anyone have experience with it?

Hi dairyinwi,
Before spending big money you might like to consider the Ridgeway Target kit which I think is about £50 for 20 cows, it's a method which I've seen used with varying results.
What is it you are trying to check, cysts, confirm heat or pregnancy ?
I found that after doing an AI course and with some training from a friendly vet I was able to get good results myself by doing an anal exam.
Of course at first I was rubbish but as I gained experience and confidence I managed to achieve a 88% PD success rate and have saved a fortune in vet or check kits since.
Many different ones exist and they all claim to be perfect but the only real way is to do a rectal I'm sorry to say.
Good luck whatever you decide !
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