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Default Figured things out!!

After the swellings went down on the calf's neck and legs, he can now breath and is able to suck his own milk even! We tubed his milk for him for 3 days, as he would start choking when he started sucking from the bottle.
Reason for the rapid breathing, was because he wasnt getting enough air to breath, as his neck as so swollen.
We came to the solution, being he was avg of about 120lbs, we are assuming that the mother just didnt have enough room in herself for her baby, and he was cramped. Right now, he still needs to get more correction done with his hind ankles, which still bends over. All four of his ankles were bent. We have placed braces on his hind ankles for him, waiting til his ankle can stand straight out on their own. He does walk around now, with a great appetite!!
This was very interesting to me, as I have never seen this before.
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