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We did call the vet.. it was a cyst. He lanced it and drained it. It's back and the bull is now having difficulty walking or being on his feet for any stretch of time. I ordered a "Pole Syringe" today and intend to start him on antibiotics in a couple of days before I attempt to get him in the pen to try to lance it myself this time.
Oh.. the enema?? ... Have you ever witnessed a whale's blow hole in action? .. That's what it looked like when the enema took affect.
The problem was that we were giving the bull antibiotics in his feed and it had killed the bacteria in his gut ... so.. a nice dose of phobies and he was right as rain. Unfortunately the small farmers learn from their mistakes. At least we learned a thing or two.
The cyst today is the size of beach ball or bigger... wish us luck this time. The vet charged $125.00 to lance a "zit" ... I think I'm in the wrong line of work!
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