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I just thought I would introduce myself and say hello to everyone. I'm fairly new to the cattle "business" and know that I have quite a bit to learn about owning cows.. They remind me of that everyday My purpose in joining this site is to absorb some of the expertise from the members here, and hopefully in the future be able to help people that were in my situation.

Just alittle about my situation... I have approx 100 acres of land in North Carolina, 35-40 in predominately fescue pasture, the rest is woodland(oaks, poplar, pine).. We have had 3 angus cows for years(7 y/o, 4 y/o, and 1 1/2 y/o) ...But I have decided to grow my herd alittle and try to at least break even owning cows. About 2 weeks ago I bought 6 calves, 4 angus steers, and 2 heifers that range from about 150lbs to 300lbs(3 of which I'm bottlefeeding).. My plan is to continue to grow the herd and sell my steers directly to the consumer through someone who knows that business. I do know someone who does that, but I will probably be asking some questions about that in the future... I am in the process of getting the farm certified organic, and I'm hoping that will increase the value of the beef.

Right now, I have the calves separated from the others in a 2 acre pasture with access to the main barn. I put them in a stall every night and feed them sweet feed and oat hay. I plan on keeping them all together and feeding them at night untill they loose a little of the wildness and I feel comfortable turning them out. I have not wormed them yet, because I don't know what is the best and I need advice here.

What other treatments do I need to be giving them at this point? I do not know much about the vaccinations/medical aspect because we used to have a vet living on the farm who handled all that.. But I need to do that now..

I try to talk to all the local farmers every chance I get, but if ya'll have any advice I'm surely not above taking it.. Sorry for the novel, but I look forward to talking with you all.

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