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Default AI or Natural service ?

Hi all,
Although being a qualified AI herdsman who has had to use various synthetic hormones [Estrumate, Lut etc]to ensure synchronised breeding, especially with groups of up to 40 heifers I still prefer to leave it to the bull when possible.
[Obviously with large groups a bull would soon tire and so I accept AI]
My reasons ? The amount of sperm held in an AI straw can in no way equal the amount delivered by a good healthy bull in his prime.
Optimum timing for a cow for AI is after standing heat and only the bull himself can effectively sense/smell this.
I would argue that conception rates of [as an average] 68% to 1st service using AI are not as good as rates compared with a bull.
To get round this I often 'double-serve' the best cows to improve conception rates.
Do you do it differently or have any thoughts on this, I'm open to ideas.
Thanks !
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