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pacman77 July 29th, 2009 07:58

24 acres what to do
what would be viable to farm on 24 acres I was thinking pigs or ducks,any ideas.

Rhodie July 30th, 2009 18:17

What is you soil type, climate, and water availability for irrigation or aquaculture? These factors will help in identifying possible production. Pigs and poultry are top possibilities, specialising in quail (if there is a market in your area) is a good niche market. Raising fish, for table or growing koi for re-sale as higher value fish, wile using the water for vegetable, flower or herb production can be done very intensively;
this site gives an idea as to how this can be done.

Rhodie March 27th, 2010 22:32

Who is making a reasonable return on a small acreage? what type of production do you find works better on a small holding as opposed to the typical large scale crops and livestock production?

JBlunt October 19th, 2011 13:11

If i have that much amount of ground available to me i would farm chilies there.
As they are a big profit in the farming community.

WildRoseBeef February 20th, 2012 19:21


Originally Posted by PatrickOZ
My dad has 300 acres in manahawkin, up near LBI. Well he kinda rents it, kinda nice for woodsball. Maybe speedball too, but i dont know of anyplace around there to refill tanks. Let me know if anyone would want to play, pretty sick.

The OP is asking for what to use it for a FARM, not a recreational area. :rolleyes:

WildRoseBeef February 20th, 2012 19:24


Originally Posted by pacman77
what would be viable to farm on 24 acres I was thinking pigs or ducks,any ideas.

Where do you live? Twenty-four acres is quite a lot for just ducks and pigs. You could convert it to pasture to raise a few cattle on, or a herd of sheep or goats on.

But really, we need to know your LOCATION (as in what country and state/province you live in) before we can give you any straight-forward answers. You're going to get answers all over the board of whats "best" to do. I know for a fact that 99.9999999% of the time such suggestions won't work for you.

juliapeter007 August 27th, 2013 07:20

Acre is a unit of land measurement. One acres area is equal to 4,740 square yard or 43,560 Square foot. It can be round figured as 44000 square feet. Occasionally some of these measurements are changed in different places.

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