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nauman March 24th, 2009 12:41

Very Slow Forum....Why???
I did not know where to post this thread.....So I am posting it under Life-style farming. It is actually a request/suggestion for Admin that by anyway, make this forum active. I visit almost daily at this cattlesite but i noticed that members are very slow in discussions......Very less new topics and very less or no replies.......???
So how it can be more and more hot or more and more informative??????

Administrator March 24th, 2009 16:38

Administrator Adam
Hello. I guess this forum is a little bit slow at the moment, which I find a little strange because we get lots of visitors to the site. Have you got any ideas how we can improve it? I'm open to your suggestions, let me know what you think.

nauman March 24th, 2009 18:59

It is really appericiable that you people have made this forum for cattle/dairy. I also go to some other political forums where i saw the members very much active.
For this forum: -
Sir, I think, here must be some interests for the visitors and members. I 'll suggest....first of all, add some new topics in "Forum Jump" regarding cattle (such as farm machinery, fodder planning, fodder cutting, fodder preservation, Layman concepts in farming, calf management, heifer management, bull, genetics and breeding etc.....or anyother which you feel appropriate).:)
Secondly, create some interest for the visitors......different questions from a discussion/reply may help for new/old visitors to participate actively.:)
Thirdly, here you need some active members....i think 7-10 members are sufficient who should actively reply for the new threads and they must also do that next person will be forced to reply.....for this can increase the number of admin them the responsibility/duty of "moderators" of this website....they must be old members or anyone who you think is reliable for the position......So they will serve as active members as well as semi-admin here. Also they should be from different parts of the world so that there should not be issue of time-zone.....!:)

Thank U for your cooperation......I 'll think more and tell you if i get any other idea.
I wanna see this forum very much active.
Farm Production Advisor

Administrator March 25th, 2009 16:55

Thanks Nauman, some good suggestions there - and yes Blonde - it isn't in the same league as ThePigSite forum...yet. I'll have a chat with my colleagues and see what they think. Can you think of anyone suitable from forums who might like to get more involved with general moderation?

joncowcare December 28th, 2009 14:38

Hi all,
Just to share my own views . . .
I currently also own/run a cow forum with about 44 members and must admit it is very hard to find new members, especially those who will post on a regular basis. There are times when we can have no posts and then suddenly a flood.
I find the best way is if I post as said above, it encourages others who then reply, all in all any forum is only as good as it's members and will thrive or die depending on their goodwill and attendance.
There are many other forums that offer cow advice, it seems to be a well catered for niche market and dependant on member loyalty.
I find the amount of spam posters on here a very big turn-off although to admins credit they are removed fairly quickly.
I am an ex-herdsman with many years experience and would gladly help out where I can if required.
I like this place and would like to see it grow and try and post whenever possible, if we all do the same and tell our friends who knows ?
Here's to 2010 !

Rhodie December 28th, 2009 15:59

I often link news items from here to some other sites I frequent, I notice some familiar user names appear once or twice, but don't seem to visit again, people will return where there is enough activity to hold their interest. We need 5 or 6 committed people to start and continue good discussions, then new members will join in and return to read on the active discussions. A section where pictures may be posted might well prove popular, judging by the activities on other sites, where pictures invite comments and discussion.

joncowcare January 7th, 2010 12:24

Hi all,
It would appear that despite my offer to help out here by keeping the spammers away no steps have been taken.
Are Admin serious about this place or not ?
We've had the same spammer posting with impunity for the last few days, very annoying !

joncowcare February 8th, 2010 17:03

And still full of spammers who are now writing to members via their private message system.
If admin are not interested in keeping this place up and running then why should we ?
Come-on admin !

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