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skip April 4th, 2010 04:33

Little unsure . I only have 5 head head of limousine cows this winter becasue of a building issues ( barn burnt ) they went to pasture during winter I noticed as the days go warmer the cows started to scratch, and i would find clumps of hair on fence posts building edegs and gates, being that it was warmer and they had been outside for the winter I thought nothing of it just thicker hair then usual but now the snow is gone and they continue to scratch with full clumps of hair gone, it grows back quickly so there is no issues tere and they're behavior hasn't changed, and they are not rolling around or really scaratcing vilontly, it just seems to be they have an itch that won't go away. All my neigbours I talked to figure its just a case of a little bit of lice ( the 2 month old calves are skratching a little too now ) and wouldn't worry about it too much. I have never personaly delt with cattle lice and was looking for advice on treatment, what to look for , and how bad does it get before i should try somthing, any advice would be helpful, I am bringing in a few more cattle in the next month and would rather have this issues delt with by then ... thanks so much

joncowcare April 4th, 2010 14:57

Hi Skip,
Welcome to the forum !
Is there any way you could post us a photo please, it would help us to help you better.
Several thoughts come to mind here, sure lice is one, another would be ringworm [although if they have been outside during winter doubtful], they could just be shedding their winter coats, could be worms, could be any one of several possibilities.
'Ivermectin' or a similar product will clear lice and other 'bugs' but you really need to properly identify what the cause is first.
Wish I could be more help but apart from suggesting you call a vet not a lot else I can do without seeing them for myself.
Let us know how you go,

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