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Buncolby February 21st, 2009 20:26

Dairy Breeding, genetics and traits
I have an assignment for my degree course at University that focuses on Dairy cattle and the genetics behind breeding them and maximising profit and welfare. The Question states "Discuss the ways in which you could make use of names phenotypic and performance traits on a dairy farm to maximise both profit and welfare."
The main area I am struggling with is writing a breeding programme, I dont know where to start or what to include, also how to measure the genetic gain. I suppose the main one would be milk yields, but how would you measure improvements in lameness etc.?
Are there any dairy farmers, or cattle farmers in general, that have experience of this and could advise me!?! I can probably just about find the welfare side, ish, but I dont know how to make it profitable!
Thanks for your time.

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