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jersey girl October 23rd, 2008 18:39

bovatec for cows
:confused: Hi,
I am a new member to this forum and I am in a dilemma. I raise a few cows and calves because they are my favorite animal but, I am having trouble with coccidia in my soil and my herd (of 3 calves) is not growing good, so I am trying to find a feed that has Bovatec included in it. I found a feed for cows called Master Feed but there are no dealers in Florida. Can someone please help me find something that is just as good in my area?

Jersey Girl

joncowcare November 20th, 2009 15:31

Hi Jersey Girl,
Wouldn't it be easier and probably cheaper to just vaccinate them ?
There are many products available online which can be used with the minimum of fuss.
Good luck !

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