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meishen January 23rd, 2012 07:35

Calfs don't want water
I thought I posted this before, but can't find the post.. so here it is again.

We have 2 week old calfs that are refusing to take water from the bottle. We even try to get them to drink it from a pail with our fingers guiding them to drink it, but they still give us a hard time. Other than that they seem healthy and are growing fine. No loose stools. They do nurse off their mommy's after we get what milk we want. Any information would be helpful. I am new to all this (moved home to Help elderly father on hobby farm). Thanks in advance for your louis vuitton shoes

WildRoseBeef February 18th, 2012 00:26

STOP and let the cows teach them to drink. Calves are just going to be relying on their mommas for their liquids for the first few weeks, then they'll start drinking water on their own once they're inquisitive enough and want to taste and try everything that their dams are eating and drinking. The calves' dams are the better teachers than you can be, so I would stop interfering and let the cows do what they do best.

You're not bottle feeding them, obviously, so just let them be. Let the cows do the teaching.

odettemayers November 2nd, 2012 22:42

Since they are just new calves, they wanted to drink milk from their mother. Just let them and do what they wanted and they can drink water on their own.

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