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mahesh August 16th, 2009 17:22

Cow in CRITICAL condition, please HELP!
Dear Reader,

My cow suddenly fell down 3 days back and the night she fell she was still eating grass but after that day she has just been lying down with her legs stretched and stretching her neck, she did not have any health issues in the past but after that incident her temperature had gone down as low as 98 degree Fahrenheit. Now after the intervention of the vet her temperature is 100.5 degree Fahrenheit but still she has been lying down in the same way. Please advice as I am really worried and it seems she will not make it....

DNS & Glucose has been given by the vet but there is no activity from the cow, its just at times that she moves her legs but nothing more. Please suggest some medicines if possible.

Thanks in advance as you might just save her life...

Medicines already given:
1. glucose 50mg
2. b1, b6, b12
3. berrynil 4gm
4. dextramethasone 5ml
5. ponophosphone 15 ml
6. avil 15 ml
7. oxitetracycline 40ml
8. ketoprophin 15ml


Mandy August 21st, 2011 12:34

Hi just joined and saw your thread. How is the cow. What advice did the vet give. Is she pregnant, are you to lift her. Did the vet diagnose a particular problem. Can she right herself or is she flat out. Are you getting any fluids into her, has she managed to pee or poo

Faisal October 11th, 2011 16:20

Cow Critical condition
She is suffering from milk fever if she is lactating cow get her calcium IV.

WildRoseBeef February 17th, 2013 20:38

Either it's Milk Fever or Grass Tetany that she's suffering from.

Though this thread is old, and the cow's probably long gone, this defintely seems like MF or GT.

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