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shell09 September 16th, 2010 18:12

Dairy Cow W/ Hives and Edema
Noticed the other day my dairy cow had hives everywhere so i took her a bath and then i noticed she had alot of edema (swelling) on her dewlap and underneath her belly..
What could this possibly be from!?

Rhodie September 18th, 2010 17:06


Originally Posted by Rena
Is she pregnant or freshened recently? Have you taken her temp? Can you post any pics?

The 'hives' could be fly bites. As far as the Edema goes, I'm kinda boggled.

Another suggestion is an allergic reaction, as Rena suggests, post a picture, this will give more to work with.

FINNEGAN.JAXON October 21st, 2010 08:48

single answer: Allergies..
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