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minimoo86 December 22nd, 2011 19:46

Hello from Maine
I work at my grandmother's dairy farm in the small town of Minot, ME. It's really the only job I've ever known, and I LOVE it! We average about 600 head of Registered Holstein cattle, along with a few Jersey and Ayrshires mixed in. My job the last few years is handling most of the bookwork involving the animals and I feed the babies (anywhere from a week old to 2 1/2 months old) every Friday afternoon and both AM & PM on Saturdays. One of the more fun parts of my job is getting to name the new heifers born. I get to be creative with some of the names, while others I stay practical and normal with. I love talking about the farm and what I do, so please feel free to ask any questions!

I'm not sure how well I'll fit in here though since I work with a lot of cows...was just googling last night, trying to find more dairy forums/message boards to join, and came across this one. I always enjoy reading and learning more about the industry.

Rhodie December 24th, 2011 19:27

Welcome to the forum, you will fit in just fine, we have a range of different sized owners and producers here, hope we can exchange information and discuss new ideas.

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