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piglovindillard October 12th, 2009 19:49

ShotS and other health.
I would like a detailed vaccination schedule for a Cow and her bull calf. Also I need to know when and how/where to get the calf cut cuz he is 4 months old! Thxss and anything else I need to do. I kind of got into the cattle "business" on accident haha thanks!

joncowcare November 28th, 2009 10:11

Information required please ?
Hi piglovindillard,
First off it would help to know a few details about your cow.
1. What breed, age and weight ?
2. Previous history of vaccination ?
3. Will you want her milk or meat for future consumption ?

Until knowing these it's hard to advise further, however there are several vaccinations that we give routinely, these are :
Clostridial diseases
Internal/External parasites

Your calf will also need vaccinating and I should warn you it could cost quite a lot but if you have the money it is a good step to take !
Good luck !

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