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Howldaloom August 11th, 2009 12:57

Fed up with farmer. took matters into my own hands
Hi. i am a local citizen in my village who lives near to some cows.

The local boy racers have been cutting the fencing n locks of the gates to take their motobikes in the fields with the cows n calfs.

I am so fed up with them goin in there n risking injuring them n risking letting the cattle out by leaving the gates open.

Me and my bf reinforced all the fences again and went and bought the heavyest n strongest chain n padlock we could buy and locked the main steel gate with it.

I called the rspca about the lame cow in the field but nothing has been done about that either. i just hope she gets better.

I noticed yesterday her calf is with her and she is not limping as badly. so i live in hope

i hope this lock n chain holds

Rhodie August 11th, 2009 18:02

Sorry to hear you have had no luck in locating the cattle owners, or getting a satisfactory response from the RSPCA. You have done more than many neighbours would have done, most stock owners are concientious and check their animals daily, the few bad ones give the rest of us a bad name. It is a pity that nobody has inspected the animals and carried out the treatment needed, I would have really laid into the RSPCA though, as they are quick to respond to false claims against people with a reputation for good animal husbandry!

Howldaloom August 17th, 2009 11:09

Hi, it was four days before i noticed that they had a go at the padlock.

There is deep groves cut into the metal and its twisted the entire lock!

Bt the padlock is holding fast. i just hope it stays that way.

I saw a bunch of boy racers outside the gate a couple days ago. So i bluffed them to leave the fields alone.

I told them it was my dads field n cattle and i check the lock n cows everyday (which i do) and pointed out i notuiced the lock was damaged.

And i lied saying a cow had to be put down coz she got injured running away from the noise of the engines.

True one was lamed for this exact reason but the look on there faces whn i told them that was priceless!

I hope its enough to keep them away

From field to fork November 9th, 2009 10:49

Well done you.

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