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clichefarmgirlreference November 29th, 2011 02:48

Bull Lease and bull dies:(
Does anyone have any experience with leasing bulls for stud? A friend of mine is in a pickle.

Here's how it goes: a man desperately wants to get rid of his bull for a couple months. He does not want to use this particular bull for breeding. Problem is, they only have a small pen, which he keeps escaping from and mingles with the ladies. The man knows my friend because she bought some cows from him. So the man gets wind that my friend is looking for AI for a couple of her cows. He calls and calls and calls late at night, desperately trying to get a hold of her. He has the bull loaded onto his trailer. He finally talks to my friend and tells her that he needs to store his bull some place and that she can use him for stud in the meantime. He delivers the bull early in the morning and brandishes this lease agreement, which I paraphrase: for consideration of $1, Lessor agrees to lease bull to Lessee for the duration of 90 days for service to their cows...Lessor places a value of $750 on bull to be payable if bull is not returned in the substantially same condition at conclusion of the lease." My friend has misgivings about the value of the $750 - it was dirty and in ratty condition and she hears later that he offered the same bull for $500 to someone else. But she saw how desperate the man was, thought he was a nice person, and never thought that anything would happen to the bull, so she signed it. As with any tale of Murphy's Law, the bull, being a Highland, gets a complication and has it's hair grow around it's balls and needs to be put down. She is devastated, calls the owner, arranges for the bull to be put down and his meat processed. The vet said this was not her fault and that it would have happened regardless if it was at her place or the owners.

Owner now wants $750 + meat processing fee + $300 freezer.

I don't want my thread to be deleted because it thinks I'm asking for legal advice: I'm not. I just would like to know if any of you have had this happen, or know of someone this happened to and what they did. the Lease says nothing about death loss and who is responsible other than the "substantially the same condition" clause.

Any advice would be much appreciated. I feel that my friend was taken advantage of: with the owner's desperation, the magic appearance of the lease, the arbitrary $750 value, lack of time for my friend to review and discuss the lease......seems suspicious. Thank you!

Rhodie November 29th, 2011 16:33

I have never leased bulls, too many disease risks, when I used to sell bulls there was an understanding I would replace any bull not performing or if one died within two months, only ever replaced one that was bitten by a snake, so I replaced him as agreed to maintain my reputation as a seedstock producer. I would have thought in leasing out a bull, an insurance policy should be taken out to cover death or injury of the bull, and an arrangement (by the owner) to replace him if he is found to be sterile. In any agreement of this type, make sure all the bases are covered in writing before taking posession of the bull, I have no solution to your friends present predicament.

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