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dairygirl212006 June 22nd, 2010 20:53

please help..... sudden death in calf
I do not understand why she died and am hoping someone could shed some light.

she was 2 weeks old. heffier.
still drinking directly on mom.
no signs of being sick. she was running around chewing her cud for the first time. playing in the dirt. starting to nibble on grass and taste dirt. no scours or anything like that.

within one hour she went from running around to we found her bellering. went out to see she was laying flat on her side legs stretched out tense. she could not stand or lift her head she was so weak. her eyes were starting to sink in her head. tried to give her water and some of moms milk. she didnt really want the milk got her to drink a little water. when she swallowed it you heard a gurgle in her stomach and she would beller again. she was breathing fine. just too weak to move. she died within 50 minutes. she was running around playing at 4pm died at 5pm. any ideas???? she was my pet I would really like to know. poison maybe? should I be worried about the mom and the year old calf?

thank you for your help

matangi1 July 13th, 2010 10:54

Twisted Bowel
Hi there,

Sounds like it could have been a twisted bowel, that is where loops of the intestine twist over each other. This can happen if there is a blockage or sudden movement. As you said the calf was running around lots, something like this could have caused its bowel to twist and therefore it dying.

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