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dairygirl212006 November 4th, 2010 14:48

sores on teat of holstein
Hello again.

I am back posting again as I have another problem, although no one has died this time which is great.

My almost 4 yr old holstein has sores on her teats. about one on each although her left front has way more.

A little background on her since she is not really normal:

She likes to eat thistles, buckthorn, weeds, you name it. Which I have always found funny and odd.

We cut down buckthorn for her for the past two years since she loves the berries on them.

The last 2 weeks I have noticed while milking her (which I do by hand) she has bumps on her teats. the three teats have one bump on each and it is not an open wound. Her left front is considerably worse. One, was scabbed over which the scab came off about 4 days ago while I was milking. That is the only open wound. The other bumps on the same teat, she seems to have about 5 on that one. They arenot open but they seem to be a little sore. Cant really tell since she is a pet and trusts me very much so she would never kick. But she does act like they are sensitive. one spot feels like there may be three of them in one spot. unless that one is just way bigger. the other ones are no bigger then what a poke by a small stick would do. This one is about the size of a penny.

could it be buckthorn suddenly poking her? how would I treat them? I can get pictures on here if need be. I will take some today. Any help would be appreciated. I have udder balm but not sure if that will help since they are not open sores.

Thanks in advance for the input!


dairygirl212006 November 5th, 2010 01:46

thank you for the reply. I will try that. i will check out the site also. I did not get pictures today. but I will for sure post them tomorrow mid afternoon. Thanks again.

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